2 comments on “On Why Cold Calling Frequently Doesn’t Work

  1. I just now noticed in proofreading that he says “sent you an email about my company”. Prior to this, I hadn’t received anything. I even checked my junk and deleted to be sure…

  2. Dear Brandt,

    The sales person in this scenario has misrepresented himself and his company many times in his communications with you. To begin with, if he is worried about his pricing, then he has no product or service to offer. In addition, how can he even know what you are currently paying and and recieving from your provider today? Did you tell him?

    As someone who has been in sales for many years, this sales strategy is a fast close. These can work if you make hundreds of phone calls each day and set appointments where the salesperson essentially bullies the product/service and gets some kind of committment from the potential customer, at which point they essentially have you. It becomes difficult to back out of the product or service when meeting face to face for some people. This person gives those who treat people with respect a very bad name.

    Sorry you had to deal with this, but I guess that’s the workday for the times.

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