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    • I’ve been looking at roms that have Google Now- I’m looking forward to getting that (rumored to be included on the upcoming JellyBean update) as it seems a vast improvement on both S-Voice and Voice Actions!

  1. Thanks for the tip! Really sucks that you have to install an app just to enable something built into Android.

    • Yep. In general I’ve been impressed with this latest version of TouchWiz, and have found workarounds for pretty much everything I don’t like.

  2. Hi. So, I did thi and it find the name but says, did you mean…. and then it does not ask or dial?

    • Sounds like an issue with Voice Actions, not the launcher method described. Sorry, afraid I can’t be of much help there. I’m jus zis guy, y’know?

  3. My S3 doesn’t have Voice Search in the Bluetooth app. I looked under S Voice, but it didn’t have the com.google…. thing listed there. Can someone help???

    • I’d recommend Home 2 Shortcut at this point, over the Bluetooth app. It gives you a lot more options as well, such as hitting the home then menu for another app, or home then back, etc.

  4. Hello,
    I had this setting on my galaxy s3 but ever since i have updated to the jelly beam 4.1.1. this doesnt work anymore.

    Any suggestions on how to get the google voice action or speaktoit back as my default voice program.


    • Yeah, things shifted after the update, and Google Now replaces Voice Actions. You can use Home 2 Shortcut to get to the same functionality, shooting direct to the speech portion of Google Now. “Voice Search” is what you select in the Home 2 Shortcut setup. Let me know if that helps!

  5. Has this changed? I open Bluetooth Launch and scroll down but “Voice Search” is not an option.
    I also can’t locate “com.google.android.voicesearch.RecognitionActivity” under any of the Google nodes. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Steve,

      Updated the top of the post to make it a little more clear- If you look through the comments, it appears that Bluetooth Launcher doesn’t work in this way anymore, so now I’m recommending Home2 Shortcut. Hope that helps!

  6. I got Bluetooth launcher to work: Google Search->com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.VoiceSearchActivity

    • That’s good news, however I was unable to get BTL to work on either my or my wife’s S3, even using that activity. I’ll add it to the post, though!

  7. In order to get it to work using bluetooth launcher Google Search->com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.VoiceSearchActivity you need to be sure to disable S-Voice

  8. This worked better than s voice on Galaxy S3 but still gave me trouble with giving me the correct name. I also wasn’t really hands free because I still had to click in the selection. I removed the app and replaced it with Speaktoit virtual assistant. I love it! It works great and is free.

  9. Just installed Jelly Bean and now BTL does not work. Trying your suggestion of Home2Shortcut, but doesn’t seem to launch Voice Search. Any ideas?

    • Hmm, not really. I’ve been using H2S across multiple JB roms, stock and otherwise, with no problems. Maybe adjust the double tap settings? Is it set as the default Home Key App or did you select your launcher by mistake after install? That’s about the best I’ve got…

      • Thanks for the reply, Brandt! I got it working. Side note, have you had issues with you wi-fi disconnecting in sleep mode after JB update? See my tweet to SamsungSupport… note XDA forum discussion… Some forums talk re: *#0011#, but XDA shows it is a known issure with JB. :-/ http://bit.ly/VmVWFD #nevahold

      • No, but I’m one of the fortunate few to still have a Verizon unlimited data plan, so I 4G like there’s no tomorrow and avoid WiFi like the plague! Good luck!

  10. The S voice works fine for me. I’ve had no problems with it. It’s got everything I’ve said correct.

  11. This *does* still work on my Note 2, running 4.1.2. Just open Bluetooth Launch and look for “Google Search” (instead of Voice Search) then select “com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.VoiceSearchActivity”. Should be like the 5th item down the list. Works like a charm 🙂

    Also, I had two entries called “Google Search” in the main list. You may have to check both. For me, it was the first one.

  12. I have the nexus 4 LG and it does not have s-voice, just Google now, but I searched on the android marker for s-voice and its available to me as a download. I think Google now is exclusive to the galaxy nexus, nexus 7 and nexus 4. I have not heard of anyone flashing their phone with a ROM that comes with Google now, however it might be possible in the near future, but back to S-voice, it does not even come close to comparison with Google now so I uninstalled. My best advice is to go buy the new Nexus 4 LG, its slim,sleek and classy and fast cause it has a tri-quad processor. Get it while its still out!

    • The last OTA update for the S3 brought Google Now to stock users. Prior to that there were a few different ROMs that allowed it. I’m liking it more and more every day- especially if you travel. Flight times, local attractions, time “back home”. Heard good things about the 4- glad you like it!

  13. I have a dialer enabled and rooted Asus Nexus 7 3g Andy 4.2.2 and wish to use my UCLEAR motorcycle bluetooth headset to voice dial. When I press the sequence described in the manual to voice dial, I always get a popup asking me to complete action with “Mobile Data” or “Media 5 Phone”, which is the SIP client I use for calls because the N7 3G does not support GSM calls.

    I have tried Bluetooth Launch and look for “Google Search” (instead of Voice Search) then select “com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox.VoiceSearchActivity

    But it does not change the above popup when I try to bluetooth voice dial. Same happens when I try with the AOKP rom installed.

    Can anyone help? I simply want to voice dial via the mediaphone5 sip app.

    • Wow, not being familiar with the N7, 4.2.2, or that particular headset, I’d hesitate to even speculate on why that would be. Maybe someone else can offer up some insight?

  14. The “Home2 Shortcut” solution seems to only work for the home button (hitting twice). Does not catch / handle launching from the Bluetooth button on a headset the way “Bluetooth Launch” used too.

    Google Now takes upwards of 30 seconds to initialize on my Galaxy S3 when launched with Home2 and then immediately goes to a screen of “did not catch that, retry”. Therefore, useless unless you are looking at the screen. Startup is quick and normal if launched by a widget from the screen. In either case, am often not in data coverage area (on a motorcycle) and so Google Now is not helpful when out of data range (even when downloading the voice recognition module for when offline).

    Did find if I went into the Settings->Application Manager->All that I could “disable” S-Voice which then causes the S3 to default to the Google Dialer when the bluetooth button is hit. That has been my solution to disable GMail, Music Hub, Weather Widget and other built-in apps that sync in the background even if not used or setup. But so far, voice dialer does not seem to work with the bluetooth headset as it exits as if no voice was heard.

    So no real solution yet although more items to experiment with.

    • Same issue as Randy H outlined.
      Bluetooth launch properly sets headset to activate Google Voice Search but then it gets stuck at “initializing” for around 20 seconds. That’s a major flow to me in hands free functionality as I use my phone a lot while driving, and neither the S Voice nor Google Dialer cut it as a hand free app – frustrating

  15. Hi, my problem in my galaxy s3 , everytime that i comment in notification make it double, i post once but after that , i saw no internet connection then the 1 that i post make it double..this happen only in notification ..

  16. Hi – is there a way to make Home2 Shortcut respond to the Bluetooth button in my car? It works with the double tap on my phone, but when I press BT button in car, S Voice still comes up. Thanks!

    • Not sure Dave, sorry. TouchWiz and I have broken up, so I’m no longer using H2S and don’t have a good way to test it. My guess would be no- its main purpose is to handle the second tap of the home button and throws in the rest of the functionality for fun. You never know, though! Maybe there’s some defaults that can be cleared and you can use Home2 as the default handler for that event?

      • Thanks! Any other app recommendations to do this? I use Dragon for all the speech to text functionality, but there is no option to override the BT button that I can tell.

      • by any chance did you try the original app for this post, Bluetooth Launch? I’ve heard mixed reports on whether it can or can’t launch Now. Might be worth a try…

  17. I tried this and it works for my car Belkin Bluetooth receiver. But after I select Bluetooth Launch as the app to run and Google Now shows up, it cannot hear my voice at all. Any ideas why this is, Brandt? Thanks much.

    • Sorry, Binh you’re off in hardware land- too many variables for me to even hazard a guess without owning the Belkin. Does it work with double tapping the home button and the internal mic? That’s really all I ever used it for, and as I said in the article I moved over to Home2Shortcut for that. These days I’m running CM 10.2 with the Nav buttons enabled (see my other post on that) so all I need to do is swipe up from the home button to get Google Now. L.U.V. LOVE IT.

      • I am seriously tempted to install CM on my S3, but I found out that I’d lose Wifi calling ability, it got me thinking, what other features are T-Mobile or Samsung-specific that I’d lose? I thought it would be just their crappy apps but that appears to not be the case.

      • Hey Dave, it’s been a while but I used a combination of Google Voice and Groove IP to make VOIP calls over WiFi from my phone. Worked great! The WiFi thing must be a T-Mo thing, as I’ve never heard of it before on VZW. Good luck!

      • Well, I suppose I did take a leap since this was originally only for Galaxy S3 owners. I’m trying to do this on my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD with a combination of the Belkin bluetooth. But you’re right, I think it does have something to do with the hardware. Because it works fine before I select the Google Search voicesearch activity and then stops after I select it.

        Thanks anyway!

  18. Ok so… trying to do this on my Galaxy SII. Got the app, did the setting (the updated one) but when I double click my “home” button it takes me to a list of my recently used apps. What would the equivalent of that step be for me (anyone know)?

    • Sorry, Jenn- hard to say on an S2 without having one to fool around with. I hope you find someone who can help you out- good luck!

      • Thanks so much! Turns out that after the ICS upgrade, the search button (long press) is now what activates the Voice Commands. When I do it, it launches the Google Now Voice Commands and works beautifully but then setting that to be associated and work through Bluetooth is the part I’m lost on. 😦 There are apps out there that can customize what the buttons do and I’m wondering if I’ll have to go that route but hoping not!

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  20. Bluetooth Launch does work great according to your instructions with these steps added:

    1. Disable S-Voice under “Settings” | “Application Manger” | “All”
    2. Open Google Search, select “Settings” | “Voice” and check “Bluetooth headset”

    Thank you for getting in the information out there.

  21. I could kiss you right on the mouth! This has been making me insane for over a year. Took my Galaxy SIII back. Got a Razr Maxx (worked fine) Then I got lured back to Samsung with the Note II. Have had the same problem. Looked everywhere. This is awesome! So quick to respond, so accurate. Will app updating knock it off? What about turning off my bluetooth? Man, I hope tomorrow when I get up it is still working. I might have to come hunt you down! LOL

    • Should stick unless there’s a major update from Samsung and your carrier. None of the little stuff >should< affect it, but can't say for sure- I've been off the stock roms for quite some time now!

  22. I love this app. Having some problem with it ‘not working’ from time to time. Just have to restart phone and it works fine. I wish I knew what the problem was with these phones that they can’t stay in touch with my headset.

  23. damn… So close.. I am having the issue that some others are having, where i have gotten the default bluetooth voice dialer set as Google Now, but when I say something, it is not picking it up. Tried both checking on/off the Bluetooth Headset setting in Google Now, but nada.. argh!

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