7 comments on “On Being Nice to Airport, Airline, and Hotel Employees

  1. Great lesson here! Glad you learned it because some people never do. I have to admit, it didn’t take me long to think “well, you must have been rude to them first!” before you got to that part. It’s kind of an unofficial policy in customer service. While working in foodservice during college, I very often rewarded customers for being nice to us (cookies for telling children to say please/thank you or clean up their messes, discounts/free upgrades when they were obviously having a bad day but not taking it out on us, etc.). Not that I would punish rude customers, I just wouldn’t go above and beyond for them. Being nice can get you far!

    • Exactly. It’s absolutely a lesson that can be applied to any aspect of life, and I do try as often as I can. I know I’m not perfect, but it’s all in the trying, right?

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