2 comments on “On Why You Should Consider Skipping the “Augmented Reality” and Just Buy More Bacon

  1. I feel ya Brandt! I too long for immersive experiences that really play with reality, but even the geotagged experiences right now lack much in design and UX.

    But if it makes you feel better, I did have my designer create a AR animation for our PYM LIVE NY show brochure that did flash and draw arrows and kept it image-based without pulling you back into the app. And you can easily do that with small images of speakers, just don’t augment the whole page as an image (because that will show up floating above the page), just augment the page in zones, with each speaker face zoned to play content. In that way you can still technically see the reality around the experience, provide multiple experiences with multiple markers.

    And I just figured out how to build the 3-D experiences, so those I think you’ll really dig. That takes the marker AR and creates an experience that allows you to see much more of the reality around you than a 2-D image marker does.

    • Rock on, Kristi, that’s what I’m talking about…

      Get out there and make it hap’n Cap’n- I look forward to seeing what you guys cook up over there!

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